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A user friendly interface

Rubitek Core features a suite of tools that make managing and supporting apprentices a piece of cake!

Secure in app messaging supports instant communication between users. 
Evidence on and off the job hours, breaks, training and e-learning.
Record experience gained and upload photos in the learner journal.
Strengthen safeguarding procedures, record absences and send notifications.

Learner absences are automatically allocated to timesheets so you can monitor attendance in line with HR procedures.
Track learner performance in line with a range of competencies and objectives and report against KPIs.
Access, upload and share files between users and isolate accessibility.
Learners can request holidays – with a built-in clash detection system that alerts employers when there are key ‘not to be missed’ dates integral to training.
Learners can claim expenses on the go and upload and submit associated receipts digitally for approval.
Arrange and conduct regular learner reviews and invite others to join you from any location.
Learners can complete projects set by employers and upload supporting photos to evidence progress.  Providers can work with employers to identify which competencies have been evidenced in the process and highlight gaps in learner experience.
Keep track of important dates in one place - includes learning dates, overnight accommodation, reviews (employer and provider), holidays, key dates and placements.
Learners can contact everyone involved in providing support and email or message directly from within the contact feature.
Arrange and manage placements across departments or other companies to maximise opportunities for learning while complying with employer health and safety obligations.
Employers and providers can create, assign and send reminders of tasks to individuals and groups of learners, and receive notifications when tasks are complete.
Make staying away from home simple by giving learners access to important accommodation booking details and map info.
Upload and share online learning resources and support materials with individuals or groups of learners and allocate off the job ‘time’ to each asset.
Access course details; learning provider, tutor and assessor info; training locations; and course modules and competencies all in one place.
Conduct and record details of learner inductions, upload important insurance information and monitor expiry dates to comply with health and safety requirements.
Check ins
Location check-in pin points learner location using GPS data to provide better safeguarding.
Levy Tools
Maximise the value of your apprenticeship levy contributions, understand the financial impact of apprentice starts over a period of up to 5 years and identify any levy pot losses or additional contributions required.
Keep track of learner locations and hours worked by client, job or site.
View and download a wide range of management reports including HR monitoring, on/off-the-job hours and expenses. 

Evidence the performance of your apprenticeship programmes with retention, completion and progression data.
Monitor learner activity and identify early signs of disengagement.
Maximise opportunities for learning and increase completions by advertising for placements needed to help learners complete their evidence requirements.

Rubitek Core - at the heart of learning success.

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