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The Business Agenda

Rubitek Solutions CEO talking at the Business Agenda

On 22nd January 2019 our CEO, Kerry Linley will be the host speaker at the next Business Agenda and on hand to talk to delegates about the cost of losing an apprentice. Hosted once a month at the Harborough Innovation Centre, the Business Agenda aims to share great business ideas, create opportunities and share business experiences.

Kerry will be sharing her experience of employing apprentices and how through a unique approach to apprentice engagement and support she helped to achieve industry busting engagement, completion and into employment levels.  Employing an apprentice is an investment of both time and money so it goes without saying that everyone involved wants to achieve the best return on that investment possible. Kerry will look at the impact of losing an apprentice and what employers can do to minimise the risk of this occurring.

Anyone is welcome at the Business Agenda and it's completely free so if you'd like to attend simply click here or visit the Business Agenda's website for more info.

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