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What Does the Future Hold for Public Examinations for 16-Year-Olds? 18/02/2019 GCSEs were brought in to revolutionise the education system in 1988, replacing the CSE (Certificate of Secondary Education) and the more academically challenging O ‘Levels, with a one-size-fits-all examination and course work qualification for those wishing to leave formal education at the age of 16.  Read More 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Apprentices 30/01/2019 Taking on an apprentice can be a big undertaking for your business. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best out of your apprentice in order to ensure maximum return on investment. Read More How Can Technology Be Used to Enhance Learning Experiences? 18/01/2019 Last year, Education Secretary Damian Hind called on the technology industry to revolutionise the way in which education is carried out in the UK. Read More The Cost of Losing an Apprentice Part Way Through Their Training 19/12/2018 Employing and training an apprentice is an investment of both time and money for the employer, the apprentice and the training provider.  So it goes without saying that everyone involved wants to achieve the best return on that investment possible. Read More Apprenticeship Funding: A Guide to Evidencing 18/12/2018 One of the most important criteria is that every apprentice spends 20% of their time on “off-the-job learning”, and this must in turn be evidenced by the employer. Read More Everything an Employer Should Know About Apprenticeships 07/11/2018 Following the introduction of the levy, it is more important than ever that employers are familiar with every aspect of an apprenticeship, from getting the most out of their levy funds, to ensuring the best possible experience for the apprentice in question. Read More

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